Spring gems

Posted on the 10th March 2015

With the sun shining bright, I cannot help but put my sunnies on and feel like summer is finally nearly here. The team at Holts have a good feeling about March what with this delightful weather we are having. What better way to express that summer feeling than with some gloriously sparkling coloured summer gemstone jewellery. Floral pieces are very popular this summer. We have a very feminine collection of Earrings and Rings to choose from this season. If you are regular readers of Holts News, you will know all about the wonderful elements of the water-inspired gemstone, Aquamarine. The light blue colour makes the perfect accessory for any outfit this summer – especially as it is one the years on-trend colours – so I’m told. Shower yourself with Yellow Sapphires, Citrines , Topaz and any other colour that represents the colour of the sun. We also have a mesmerising new range of coloured engagement rings that are a valuable addition to our ‘Engage with Colour’ collection . We hope to see you soon to brighten up your March. Until next time!