Spirital Fridays

Posted on the 6th March 2015

This week at Holts, we have had quite a few poorly staff members, myself included. But we are all better, the sun is shining and I’m feeling inspired to share some uplifting and positive properties of gemstones so bring you up if you are ever down. Whether you believe in the healing powers of crystals and gemstones or not…well its Friday and we thought why not! The two toned Ametrine (half Amethyst and half Citrine) is said to hold Optimism. The high energy of the stone balances out tension and stress and is also a powerful cleanser used to treat long standing illnesses fatigue and tiredness. Believe me, I could of done with some Ametrine optimism this week… The less well known Celestite crystal has gentle and uplifting properties bringing harmonious balance from its tranquil blue colour. The crystal is rumoured to dissolve pain, treat ear and eye disorders and release tension form bones, tissue and organs. Pyrite is known as the stone of protection as it wards of physical danger as well as stimulating intellect. It nourishes the mind and body as well as relieving anxiety and frustration. So the next time you are feeling stressed at work, come and visit Holts and get yourself one of our unique Pyrite necklaces. If you’re feeling down and need a boost, Smokey Quartz can help dissipate blocked energy and negativity whilst enhancing awareness and dreams to give you lift you need to get on with your day….I can taking full advantage of this from now on! Finally, one of the Holts team favourite gemstones – but as you may know it – Black Tourmaline is a supportive and protective stone that disperses stress, tension and negative energy. Its healing powers also stretch to aiding sleep, strengthening the immune system and providing pain relief particularly in the major organs such as kidneys. Discover our range of beautiful Tourmaline jewellery. Remember that we can probably make you any piece of jewellery with any of the above gemstones or crystals as we specialise is Bespoke Coloured Gemstone Jewellery and Engagement Rings. Until next time!