Red Nose Gems

Posted on the 13th March 2015

In the spirit of Red Nose Day, the team at Holts are getting far too involved with all things red…the daily bowls of Heinz tomato soup, boxes and boxes of Maltesers and even some red lippy is flying about. The three main red gemstones are Ruby, Garnet and Spinel. There is also an ostentatiously rare natural red diamond. The regal red Ruby is has been gracing this Earth since the 8th Century BC and is considered one of the four precious stones alongside Sapphire, Emerald and Diamond. The blood red stone is the traditional birthstone for July symbolising love and immortality. Garnet gets its name from the Latin word for Pomegranate, ‘Grantium’. The red stone is rarely known for its impact in fine jewellery however, the Garnet was a prominent feature in Victorian jewellery to be fashioned as roses. The January birthstone comes in every colour but blue…but we are only interested in red today!!! Spinel is one of Holts’ favourite gemstones and so it should be, being part of the British Crown Jewels. The unique stone comes in every colour from red to blue to black and has an amazingly high melting point of 2135 degrees Celsius. These deliciously red gemstones are available at the Holts showroom in Hatton Garden. The stones can be handcrafted into your own desired piece of luxury jewellery with the Holts bespoke jewellery service. We hope you spend your Friday night watching Comic Relief like we will be. What more could you want than an evening filled comedy. Until next time!