Our lapidary's recent work...

Posted on the 27th July 2017

Our lapidary's recent work...

This is what our in-house lapidary, Jan, has been working on recently. A client gave him a wax model and he has faceted, carved, polished the Quartz into this interesting shape.

Lovely words from the customer Zena Haddad (@zed_aitch):

''Thank you so much to the incredibly talented lapidary, Jan Huyghe, who was able to translate my sketch into reality. It was an absolute pleasure working with Jan and being overseen by the very knowledgeable Mena Howard every step of the process. As a designer, it's a rare treat to find a talent like Jan's today, that though I would love to keep him a secret - having him working away on my designs - it would be absolutely unfair not to share! Once again thank you so much for the stunning ring - I can't wait to see the next one. ZH''

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