Our lapidaries are seriously talented!

Posted on the 11th November 2016

Over the years we realised that there was lack of equipment on the market for specific functions that lapidaries use on a daily basis. After looking for a long time we could not find the appropriate kind of machine we were looking for.  We decided to build our own machines, made to measure for our workshop and our needs.

In fact, very few people are building machines for gemstone cutters in the UK.

We are now the distributors for various companies based in the US and EU. We sell machinery and tools on their behalf. We can supply equipment and all accessories for glass cutting and anything related to the lapidary industry from saws and drills to grinding wheels, faceting laps, diamond polishes etc

We have two machines available to buy:
1. A machine for sanding and polishing precious and semi-precious stones. (ruby, tourmaline, peridot, emerald, garnet, lapis…) This machine can be screwed on the table and is ready to use.
2. A front facing grinder that can be used with different grades of cutting dish.
It is aimed at the lapidary, flat glass, watch glass industries, and possibly to the scientific industry as they use cutting synthetics stones for lasers. 

All the machines are built in house and some of them can be made to order. Depending on what you need, we can possibly adapt the characteristics of the machine to do what you need it to.

Price: starting from £400, you could also buy the accessories that go with it.
Lapis Machinery