National Apprenticeship Week 2014: What it’s like to be a Holts Apprentice

Posted on the 5th March 2014

I first found out about my apprenticeships through Holts Academy when a friend told me to take a look at their website. After some research, the idea of becoming an apprentice really appealed to me: getting hands-on work experience whilst getting paid and gaining a qualification. In my opinion there is no better way of getting into the world of work than through an apprenticeship. I applied online and within in a week I was at Holt’s Academy in interview, and when a Business administration apprenticeship at Holts was suggested I jumped at the chance! Working for Holts appealed because of the brand’s heritage. When I found out about the work Jason Holt had been doing for apprenticeships I also knew I would have a manager who was right behind the idea. I told a contact in the jewellery industry about the job and he informed me about Holts’ great reputation, explaining that it was an unmissable opportunity. So, here we are many months on and I couldn’t be happier! A general day in my life at Holts would involve me negotiating deals on utility services, meeting companies to obtain quotes, filing documents, stationary orders, organising gemstone boxes, office management and creating the company handbook. One of my highlights has been joining Jason Holt at Admiralty House for an awards ceremony celebrating businesses that champion apprenticeships. That evening I also met Nick Clegg; it is great to know that the government are supporting apprentices like me. Once I complete my apprenticeship I have decided I would like to move into the world of gemmology because Holts has really opened my eyes to the wonders of gems. I have learnt so much since I joined - when I arrived last April I hardly knew anything about the subject - you could have written what I knew on a stamp! But now I know about the different types of stones, the different cuts and where they are found. I have also learnt a lot about the way a business runs and negotiating deals. I would definitely recommend doing an apprenticeship - it will give you the best start possible in your chosen career.