Keep your Bridesmaids Happy

Posted on the 21st May 2015

Does this sound familiar? You have a summer wedding coming up, you have the dress, shoes, flowers, even the groom is prepped and ready to go but your bridesmaids just are not cooperating. They all want different dresses and jewellery for your special day and no one can even remotely agree. Holts London is here to save the day. Our semi-bespoke jewellery service allows our customers to hand-pick from our extensive range of high-quality coloured gemstones and pearls alongside ring mount, Diamond earring mounts and an unbelievable array of every colour bead a jewellery lover could want in life. Mix and match gemstone studs with our wide variety of in-store earring mounts or an extravagant Tanzanite in a ring mount of your choice. The possibilities are endless. This service is perfect for those slightly hard-to-please bridesmaids of yours to ensure a lavishly accessorised bridal party. Don’t worry we haven’t forgot about the bride and groom…take advantage of our bespoke wedding band service. Our highly skilled and talented jewellery designers guide and advise you creating a perfectly unique pair of wedding bands tailored to you. Holts London hand-paint the your desired piece so you can see exactly what they will look like. Please visit in our Hatton Garden showroom or enquire by emailing for more information. Until next time!