Hot 100!!!

Posted on the 13th June 2010

Jason was chosen for his contribution to the industry, alongside his enthusiasm and passion for jewellery. As a company, Holts Gems is committed to providing the highest standard of craftsmanship through a combination of traditional jewellery-making techniques intertwined with modern technology. However, Jason’s passion hasn’t stopped there, sparking life into two new enterprises, Holition and Holts Academy. Jason’s further contributions to the industry take the form of implementing new technologies with his groundbreaking launch of Holition. “One of the highlights of my year has been to see a crazy idea I had four years ago turn into a commercial reality.” Holition is a joint venture between Holts and Inition, a technology company specialising in an exciting new technology called Augmented Reality (AR). Holition is dedicated to bringing AR to anything worn on the body. It sounds like Star Trek but people can now see themselves wear items they see on-line. Visit Holition for more information and to see it in action. In contrast, Holts Academy was set up in 1999 as a not-for-profit organisation providing high-quality training in the jewellery making and the design field. The success of Holts Academy has also led to the birth of another social enterprise: Platform. Coming together in 2009, Platform provides a retail presence for young, undiscovered jewellery designers to connect with retail buyers and consumers. Jason says that “none of the exciting commercial ventures surrounding Holts would happen without an incredibly gifted group of individuals who run their teams far better than I ever could. It is not disingenuous of me to say that I am very proud of them.”