Holts Hosts the Edith and Kiveen Collection Launch

Posted on the 6th December 2013

Last week independent jewellery designer Nicola Mumford chose the Holts showroom to host the launch of her second collection under her Edith & Kiveen label. The Borealis collection launch was a huge success, attracting nearly 100 gemstone and jewellery enthusiasts through Holts’ doors. The latest offering features a range of 1-of-a-kind precious metal rings, earrings and necklaces, all set with sweetie-like gems, many of which have been sourced from Holts. Nicola Mumford shares in the Holts passion for colour stones, researching the individual meanings behind each gem to guide her designs. We are thrilled Edith and Kiveen came to our showroom once again after the Holts showroom played host to the launch of Nicola Mumford’s first ‘Aurora’ jewellery collection last November. Discover more Edith & Kiveen designs at www.edithandkiveen.co.uk.