History of Engagement Rings

Posted on the 5th May 2015

To congratulate the new Royal Princess, Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge, we thought we’d take a look into the history of and famous royal Engagement Rings. The first Diamond Engagement ring was given by the Archduke Maximillian in 1477 but before Diamonds, a simple ring similar to a wedding band was engraved with a poem or a message which was known as a Posy ring. In the 1700’s, heart shaped rings where the ring of choice, often Ruby rings and Claddagh Rings were a popular choice throughout ancient history. Oddly enough a sewing thimble was used instead of a ring until the second part of the 19th century. Rather glad about being born in the 90’s if you ask me. The1930’s came and brought us the Diamond Engagement Ring which fortunately for us ladies, is here to stay…not so good for the male bank accounts. And here is a little fun historical fact for you, it is said that the fourth finger on the left hand is said to have a vein, called the vena amorais, which leads directly to the heart. However, if you look at the anatomy of a human, it might be a little bit of a porky. During the Second World War, high-end luxury jewellers De Beers started the myth “Do people spend a month’s or 2 salary on a ring?” In which also became a very memorable advertising campaign. We would love to hear what you think? Let us know by tweeting us at @holtslondon. It has been found that men typically spend £1700 to about £2600 on rings which is conveniently in the Holts London Engage with Colour price range. Even though coloured rings are very on-trend, 80% of women who get engaged still receive a solely Diamond ring. Some our top 5 famous and memorable engagement rings in the royal and celebrity world are: 1. Princess Mary’s ring she was given as only a 2 year old. As you can imagine it was very small. 2. Jacqueline Bouvier was proposed to by J F Kennedy with an outrageous 2ct Diamond ring set with Emeralds. 3.Grace Kelly who was most definitely fit for a Princess when she married the Prince of Monaco with a 10.45 ct Diamond Engagement Ring, need I say more. 4. Prince Andrew proposed to Sarah Ferguson with the most stunning Burmese Ruby surrounded by 10 drop Diamonds. 5. Our favourite ring, not being biased or anything I promise, is of course the Sapphire and Diamond ring that has been worn by two very important ladies in the history of the UK, Princess Diana and Kate Middleton. One day Princess Charlotte will be wearing that very same ring… For any of these rings please email us to enquire about our bespoke service. Until next time!