Happy St. Paddys Day

Posted on the 17th March 2015

It is hard to ignore the green shamrock that represents the globally celebrated St Paddy’s Day. Us British folk use this patriotic day as an excuse to get a little bit trolleyed…not we ever really need an excuse do we! To get you all in the spirit of the Irish celebration, Holts would like to share with you some of our favourite pieces made of luxurious Emeralds, rare Tsavorite garnets and delicate Tourmaline. As you will remember one of our most show-stopping pieces is the infamous hand-carved Emerald and Diamond leaf, The Park Life Pendant from the The Holts London Collection. Emeralds are one of the most highly prized gemstones and also happen to be the birthstone of May. Tsavorite garnets are becoming increasingly rare and for me, the invigorating shade of green is very nostalgic to me and is one of my favourite gemstones. We have a range of Tsavorite garnet rings in our Engage with Colour engagement ring collection. Tsavorite garnet make an excellent choice when it comes to rings as the stone is extremely hard and is unlikely to crack or scratch. One of the more favoured gemstones at Holts is the Tourmaline. The bi-colour watermelon Tourmaline is rather spectacular as the pink and green naturally blend together creating a mesmerizing sight. Our watermelon Tourmaline and Diamond drop earrings are definitely worth the investment if I say so myself. That’s enough from us and our green coloured gemstone jewellery, we will let you get back to your Guinness. Until next time!