Glisten in Garnet's this January

Posted on the 6th January 2015

The word ‘Garnet’ has been derived from the Latin word ‘Grantium’ meaning Pomegranate due to its most common red colour. Garnets come in a variety of colours…in fact every colour except blue with, green and colourless being highly prized due to their rarity. The elegant gemstone is found North and South America, India, Australia, Asia and Spain and is known to be the 2nd wedding anniversary gemstone. Purity, truth, faithfulness and friendship are recognised at the symbolic properties of this fiery stone. This gemstone can be made in to a simple yet mesmerizing pendant and stud birthstone set. Why not discover our garnet coloured engagement ring collection from the Holts team in Hatton Garden, London. Or if you are feeling really creative and unique, indulge in our bespoke engagement ring service giving you that desired piece to treasure for a lifetime. Have a great January, dive into our sale if you start feeling those Jan blues. Until next time!