Explore the Jewelled Garden

Posted on the 14th April 2015

In the spirit of the new collection, The Jewelled Garden and the summer sun in which is upon us, the Holts team thought we would enlighten you with inspirational flowers along with their colours and their hidden meanings. The romantic Rose has always been associated with female beauty. The flower is forever linked to Valentine’s Day and love. The most romantic day of the year is its prime time and the colours of Red, Yellow, White and Pink are ever beautiful. Holts London have a stunning Pave Diamond Floral Ring that beautifully ties in with its April Birthstone, the Diamond. The daisy is a well-known pretty white and yellow flower that graces the British countryside. Children from all over will make spend summer afternoons making their little daisy chains and it is with this picturesque innocent image and our typically English ways, we of course have a ‘Daisy Chain’ creation in the Jewelled Garden collection. This piece will boast a delicate yet large centre stone surrounded by Diamonds and strings of Pearls. One of my personal favourite flowers is the not-always-blue Bluebell. The enchanting colours of violet and blue similar to the incredible Tanzanite gemstone can even be used to cure snake bites. The colours along with its medicinal properties make it a remarkable stone. Explore our ‘Blue’ gemstone jewellery. With our specialist colour gemstone bespoke jewellery service, our customers can create any piece of jewellery from engagement rings to pendants. Book your consultation with Holts. What are you waiting for? Until next time!