Everything you need to know about Emeralds

Posted on the 30th November -0001

May is the month in which we are celebrating quite a few birthdays at Holts Gems and here we have the ever mesmerising birthstone Emerald on tap. Emerald gets its name from the French term ‘Emeraude’ and derives its beautiful green colour from the presence of Chromium, Vanadium and sometimes Iron. These have both been derived from the Greek word ‘Smargados’ meaning ‘Green Gem’. Emeralds have been loved by royals, particularly Queen Cleopatra of Egypt. The higher quality the Emerald, the more transparent the regal stone is with its deep green hue. The best quality Emeralds are found in the mines of Colombia but can also be found in Russia, Zambia, India, Madagascar, Norway, Brazil, Pakistan, Australia and USA…so pretty much the entire world, except little old UK. The May birthstone at it’s best can be more expensive than the desirable Diamond. Emerald is one the gemstone that is rarely flawless and quite often has imperfections which confirms the stones natural lustrous quality. Despite its richness in colour and value, Emerald is a rather stone and requires delicate care. We would not recommend using an Emerald in an engagement ring or a piece you are wanting to wear daily due to the sensitivity, if you do wish to include it, we suggest placing it between 2 harder stones such as Ruby, Diamond or even Tanzanite. A few other tips to ensure when caring for your Emerald is to not clean is more than twice a year and try to use lukewarm water…if the water is too hot for you, it is too hot for your Emerald and make sure you gently pat it dry. Discover the Emerald jewellery collection at Holts, in-store and online. Or if you can’t find what you are looking for explore our Bespoke Design page for some inspiration. We wish you all a great bank holiday. Until next time!