Engagement Ring Etiquette

Posted on the 24th March 2015

This time of year is very popular for engagements and brides-to-be fluttering around making those ever big plans for their special day. One thing to remember during all the hustle and bustle is to ensure your engagement ring is properly cared for and is looking its absolute best on your big day. 1. First things first - when is it suitable to take off your Engagement Ring? Looking like perfection as you walk down the aisle is up there on the list of priorities. Avoid wearing your engagement ring when swimming and undergoing any rigorous activities in case of knocking and damaging the stone or causing your oh so beautiful Diamond to lose its shine. However, if you feel like you need to give it a little polish, Holts offer a very deluxe polishing service to make it look as good as new. Same goes for house-cleaning ladies, the chemicals could cause the stones and metal to dull. What a perfect excuse to get the man of the house in those rubber gloves. 2. If you are anything like me and can often be a little bit on the clumsy side, you may to want to be extra cautious on keeping track of your ring. My only advice is to choose a place and stick to it!! Put it back in the box in your bedroom, or another safe place by itself to prevent scratching or chipping it on other jewellery. As a precaution it may be best to get an insurance valuation done just to be on the safe side here at Holts. No appointment necessary, just pop in at your own convenience. 3. Finally a few little tips on maintaining the dazzling shine on your ring. The easiest way is too clean the ring is with a solution of water and mild washing up liquid and brushing it gently with a toothbrush to lift any dirt, with a lint-free cloth to dry. If, again you feel a little too clumsy or scared to clean it yourself, pop in to Holts and we can do it for you with a pretty cool ultrasonic machine… if I may say so myself. For a few more tips on how to look after your engagement ring or when you should take it off, have a read of this article by Hello! in which we contributed a few of our ideas.