Engage with Colour this Easter

Posted on the 31st March 2015

Easter is well and truly in the air which means mini eggs, crème eggs and chocolate eggs. The team have even been spoiled with an infamous ringing Lindt Easter Bunny…YUM. Swiftly moving on from the topic of chocolate before I devour all my chocolate, you may or may not have a chance to admire the new additions to our ever desirable, ‘Engage with Colour’ Engagement Ring Collection. The spring themed pastel coloured gemstone rings boast a variety of beautiful and feminine coloured Sapphires from Light Blue to Yellow and everything in between as well as coloured Spinel’s and the most mesmerizing Blue Diamond. Of course, no engagement ring is complete without a sneaky sparkle of Diamond shoulders or an innocent halo. The collection also boasts a variety of 18ct metals in autumnal Rose Gold and on-trend for the summer, Yellow Gold. I don’t know about you but I can’t help picture a packet of mini eggs when I lay my eyes on array of colours(hence our cheeky little egg and ring picture below). Spring is a prime time for engagements and weddings to start falling into place and what fonder memories could you have than with the change from winter to spring, the freshness in the air and the heat of the sun. With your Engage with Colour Ring, this memory will be with you forever. Until next time!