“Colour to me is oxygen” - Angela Missoni

Posted on the 22nd March 2011

Colour: love it or loathe it, it’s everywhere this season. From the neon brights of Christopher Kane on the catwalk at London Fashion Week to windows the length of the high street, colour is shaping up to be one of spring summer’s biggest trends. But how to take it from runway to reality? There’s no doubt that the very idea of colour can seem daunting after months spent embracing your dark side. But with the arrival of brighter days, it’s a trend that you might be tempted by and, with a little insider know-how, it’s easy to do colour your way. One of the major trends is colour blocking which is just fashion speak for wearing contrasting plain colours on different areas of the body. For example, you could have a red jacket and royal blue skirt or a pink shirt and an orange skirt. Yep, you’ve guessed it, colour blocking works best with really vibrant and often clashing colours. So if you’re feeling bold, why not go for it….but don’t worry, you can also colour block with more subtle shades. If the very idea of full-on colour blocking gives you palpitations then ease yourself in gently by choosing brightly coloured accessories. A t-shirt or scarf won’t break the bank and if your waist merits the attention a belt can be a great way into this trend. When the clothes are this bright, what happens with the jewellery? Well, it all depends on the look you’re trying to create. If you’re colour blocking a brightly coloured necklace or bold cuff can really help to pull your look together. Stones such as turquoise, emerald, peridot, lapis or citrine come into their own here as their colours are vibrant and positive. Howlite is often dyed in bright hues and could be a budget-friendly option. Alternatively, if your style is rather more minimal stick to gold or silver but size up or you run the risk that your jewellery will be overpowered by your clothes. If you want to know whether you should be wearing gold or silver it’s simple: if you have warm colouring then gold is for you and if you have cool colouring then silver’s your metal. But above all, this is a fun trend so choose colours you love and let the fun start here… Melissa