Born in May? Discover Emerald...

Posted on the 6th June 2017

Born in May? Discover Emerald...

Emerald: Birthstone for May

The name “emerald” derives from “smaragdos” the word for “green gem” in ancient Greek and it is a variety of the beryl species. Emerald’s colours vary from vivid yellowish green to bluish green. The vivid green of a good natural emerald is highly sought after and a high quality emerald can be worth more per carat than a diamond. 

At Holts Gems, we specialise in bespoke jewellery so our designers have hand-drawn and painted some beautiful designs. They took their inspiration from nature, the organic shape of emeralds, the movable carved emerald leaves and the uplifting shades of green that reflect the current season. In this month's bespoke design, our design team including our most senior designers Alicja & Anna, have created 3 different designs illustrating our emerald gemstones. Every carved gemstone is one of a kind and each design is beautifully presented.

Which design would you choose?

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