Born in July? Discover Ruby

Posted on the 20th July 2017

Born in July? Discover Ruby

Ruby: Birthstone for July

Ruby is recognised for its bright red colour. The name “ruby” derives from the word “ruber” that means “red” in Latin and it is the most valuable variety of the corundum species.

Ruby is a very regal gemstone that has been cherished for centuries among Kings and Queens. Ruby’s hues vary from orangey-red to purplish-red but the most valuable colour is the “pigeon’s blood” variety which is a vibrant red without any orange or purple tint.

Some rubies display a stunning natural gemmological phenomenon called “asterism”. This is where cabochon-cut stones feature a whitish 6-pointed star on top of the dome. The star moves around the surface as the ruby is tilted from side to side.


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