Another new girl...!

Posted on the 10th October 2014

My name is Charlotte Evans and I am the new marketing girl here at Holts London. I have loved every minute of my first week and I cannot wait to really get involved with the team and all our exciting new projects. Holts enjoyed a fun team night out last night at Bounce playing an extremely competitive game of Ping Pong, but we all had a great time. One of our in-house goldsmiths even took the liberty of making a Holts Ping Pong Championship Trophy!! Make sure you keep watching our social media platforms so you're up-to-date!! I would like to thank the team for welcoming me on board particularly Sophie Green who has passed on all her incredibly wise marketing and Holts knowledge to me over the past 5 days and of course Jason Holt for employing me in the first place...I hope to do you both proud (no pressure EEEK)! On a sadder note Sophie is moving on to another company and I think I speak for everyone here when I say you will be missed and the best of luck in your new job!!!! Anyway, you will be hearing a lot from me as I am your new resident Holts blogger, I promise to try and keep you interested. Other than that, I have lots of fresh and new ideas to bring to the table which I cannot wait to share with you all. But that's enough from me for now. Speak soon Charlie xx