All That Glisters

Posted on the 17th November 2010

As a stylist I seem to be on a one woman mission to persuade my clients to be braver with their jewellery choices. You see, if you want to be truly chic, jewellery is essential not an optional extra. However, I often find that people are remarkably conservative in their choices. This is usually born out of uncertainty about what suits, so over the course of the next few newsletters I’ll be giving you my top tips on what works in terms of colour, shape, size and style. I’ll also be talking about jewellery trends and how to incorporate them into your wardrobe. One question I’m frequently asked is what size jewellery to wear. Traditionally, the size of your jewellery depends on the size of your frame, which is always judged by the size of your wrist. If you have a small frame, the advice is that you should wear smaller jewellery. But in my opinion this can lead to a rather bland and unexciting look. Two quotes resonate with me. Victoire de Castellane (ex Dior jewellery designer) once said that “small jewellery is vulgar” and Elizabeth Taylor famously said “big girls need big diamonds”. I reckon jewellery (diamonds or otherwise) needs to be big enough to be seen – preferably from the other side of the room. So why not give your jewellery a style injection: break the rules and go supersize to be superchic! Actually your frame size is just a starting point. A woman with small wrists but wide shoulders and cheekbones (and they are out there) will need a larger necklace. Larger women often say that they feel more delicate in smaller pieces but tiny jewellery just looks insignificant on a more statuesque woman and will only result in her looking larger. It’s all about scale and balance. It’s also all about your personality. If you’re inclined to the dramatic then the larger pieces will look better on you, regardless of your physical size. Right now, large pieces (often billed as statement jewellery) are bang on trend. But this doesn’t stop you from using the smaller items in your jewellery box. Simply layer them. Different lengths, textures and materials worn together make for a great contemporary look. It never did Coco Chanel any harm, after all. So there you have it – my take on one important element of jewellery choice: size. For the rest, watch this space….' Melissa