A Spring in your Gems

Posted on the 2nd May 2014

Who doesn't love spring and who doesn't love flowers...here is Holts' list of mesmerizing gemstones that resemble all the pale-coloured flowers of spring and can become beautiful jewellery to brighten your days! Pink Spinel Pale Topaz Pale Amethyst Lemon Quartz Peach Sapphire Pale Tanzanite Although Spinel became famous for its Ruby-imitating ability it is a beautiful gemstone that comes in a variety of colours. The pink version varies from an intense purple/pink through to a violet/pink and sweet baby-pink, colours associated with femininity, romance and innocence; this stone will bring-out the princess in you! "Feeling blue" (suddenly) has a different meaning when you look at a beautiful Topaz, it actually lightens up your mood! The Sky Topaz, as known in the trade, has a pale blue colour which is enhanced when combined with white metal, but also can have a bit warmer look when combined with yellow gold. Topaz is mostly suitable for pendants and earrings. Amethyst is the gemstone with the widest variety of purple and violet colours. It's lighter tones are very delicate and can satisfy the tastes of every purple enthusiast. A variety of Quartz, it has a good hardness making it suitable for every type of jewellery. Lemon Quartz is the trade name of a yellow variety of Quartz. It has a characteristic light yellow/green colour without the orangey component of Citrine. It's a very "refreshing" colour that will add some brightness to your jewellery box and it looks good as a faceted stone as well as a cabochon. A pair of drop earrings would be perfect! All coloured Sapphires belong to the Corundum family, making them hard and durable gems which are ideal for any type of jewellery. Peach Sapphire is the trade name for light orangy-pink Sapphires with almost the same hue as the prized Padparadscha but lighter in tone. They look beautiful in a simple and elegant everyday pendant and they can become very opulent when combined with small diamonds on a three-stone ring. Tanzanite might be known for its intense purpe/blue colour but have you ever seen the pale ones? They are incredible! They have the typical violet and blue colour but are lighter in tone, making them easier to wear everyday with any outfit. A pair of nice pale Tanzanite studs set in white gold is always a safe choice!