A Quick Little Intro to Aquamarine

Posted on the 30th November -0001

Another month another birthstone. Aquamarine is the tranquil birthstone of the month of March. Its name is derived from the Latin words, aqua meaning 'water', and mare meaning 'sea', and was considered sacred to the sea god Neptune. Majestic Aquamarine comes in an elegant range of deep-sea green blues to a subtle light blue, perfect for those winter wardrobes. The gemstone can be sourced in exotic areas of the world including Nigeria, Zambia, Pakistan, Brazil, Mozambique and Madagascar, with Brazil being the largest source. Aquamarine gets its beautiful colour from traces of iron impurities in the Beryl structure, the family it belongs to. The water inspired stone is said to contain many incredible healing powers such as relieving colds and bronchitis as well as countering infections, laryngitis and eczema. Holts London have a wonderful range of Aquamarine jewellery in the showroom in which you can have a little sneak peak on our website alternatively book your Bespoke Jewellery Appointment  today! Why not enjoy the experience of creating the most unique engagement ring in London or a perfect pair of earrings. The world is your oyster…. Until next time!