A Holts Valentine

Posted on the 6th February 2015

The most romantic day of the year is quite literally lurking round the corner. Champagne, flowers, spontaneous getaways and not forgetting the delicious, mesmerising pieces of jewellery. The Holts team have created a rather glamorous Valentine's Day collection of pink Sapphires, pink Tourmaline, Spinel and of course Diamonds for you to swoon over called 'A Holts Valentine'. Gentlemen, if you're struggling with gifts this year, you know exactly where to look now and ladies, best get hinting. This time of year certainly does see a boost in engagements around the globe so make sure you get your finance to be the Engagement Ring she truly deserves, whether you go for her favourite colour or gemstone or a traditional, simple Diamond. Or if you really feel like spoiling her...I don't think we need to remind you our incredible Bespoke Engagement Ring Service, do we? So looks like you Gentleman have a busy weekend ahead of you... Until next time!