A day in the Life...of a Lapidary

Posted on the 21st November 2016

What happens in a lapidary workshop?

Every day brings a huge variety of work and challenges from faceting to cutting a cab (cabochon shape), drilling pearls and beads and restoring antiques! A big part of the job is talking to customers about their needs and wants. We have to ensure we get the smallest details right so we can produce what they need.

My favourite stones to cut are sapphires; I am well practiced in faceting sapphires and they are nice to work with which makes it a pleasure.

I love working on antique jewellery boxes and restoration work although I don’t get to do it as much as I’d like. Firstly you have to match the right material to the original piece which can take time and then there is re-cutting the new material to restore items to their former glory. There is big sense of achievement when you have finished an intricate job which has taken months to complete.

I love to complete work from start to finish (which doesn’t always get to happen in a busy workshop!): there is a real sense of satisfaction. I do like the challenge of working on expensive items as they stretch your skill but those with sentimental value are always a pleasure to finish. Bringing something back to its’ former glory for a customer (a dull, chipped stone from a ring that was inherited but handed back as a sparkling jewel) and the customers surprise when they see it is absolutely priceless.