7 Tips for Designing Bespoke Jewellery

Posted on the 24th April 2014

Sunita Wahiwala-Richardson trained at Holts Academy as a jewellery designer before joining our in-house bespoke design team last year. In her role at Holts Sunita helps clients to make their jewellery dreams a reality, whether she is designing the perfect engagement ring, transforming vintage jewels into a modern treasure or crafting a show-stopping statement piece. If you dream of commissioning your own bespoke jewellery, Sunita has 7 invaluable tips to consider before you book your appointment: 1. Consider a design that will stand the test of time. Is it an enduring style that you will want to wear in five year’s time? 2. Set the budget. We always advise clients to be realistic with what they can afford and what is achievable within their budget. 3. Gather ideas. It’s great when clients come to their bespoke design appointment with ideas that inspire them, however I would also advise potential customers to be selective, as this will help you to communicate your requirements to the designer/maker and achieve your dream piece through a concise brief. 4. Explore coloured gems. With such a plethora of colourful gems on offer in our showroom, bespoke clients often fall in love with a special stone. This sometimes helps guide the direction the piece will take in the bespoke process, creating a design to best complement the stone. 5. Consider time frame. Making usually takes 4-6 weeks depending on the complexity of piece, so we advise clients to allow good time if they are designing a piece for a special occasion or anniversary. 6. Ask the professionals. Your jewellery designer will be able to offer advice on manufacture feasibility – we have an in-house Goldsmith at Holts who often provides a second opinion on bespoke commissions too. 7. Suprise vs shared experience. With something as personal as bespoke jewellery, I always advise clients that it is best to involve the wearer of the design. If you want to include an element of surprise, one idea is to select a stone and have a design drawn up but leave the final details for the wearer to decide. Intrigued? Book your bespoke appointment with Holts today.