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With so much happening at Holts, we've added a blog to our website so you can find out the latest information on events, latest gemstone discoveries, tips and tricks to take away with you and so much more.

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Holts Academy Hosts an Evening With Alex Monroe
29 June 2012|Sophie
Holts Academy hosts a fantastic evening with leading British jewellery designer Alex Monroe...
Hot Off The Holts Press! Jason Holt Appointed As Vice-Chairman Of The BJA
14 June 2012|Press
Jason is appointed as vice-chairman of the BJA and Holts appears on BBC News
How I got into jewellery making, and my journey so far…
23 May 2012|Lucy Moseley
We kindly asked Lucy Moseley, who we spotted on twitter to tell us about how she got into jewellery making. Here's her story so far...
My first cab...
01 May 2012|Paraiba Diva
It was a rainy Saturday morning, perfect for spending all day in the Holts’ workshop learning how to cut my first cabochon from Master Lapidary Roger.
News Flash: Why it all starts with apprenticeships
04 April 2012|Incredible Holts
Read Jason's thoughts on how his review on apprenticeships is going...
The White Elephant
03 April 2012|Le Petit Bijou
What white elephant you ask...read on for more information?
Extra Extra – read all about it…
16 February 2012|Dazzling Diamond
Read a little bit more about Jason Holts new venture with the government...
The Art of Hidden Meaning
03 February 2012|Le Petit Bijou
Valentine ’s Day is nearly upon us. Heart -shaped knick-knacks are flying off the shelves. But for those of you wishing to make a less overt show of your feelings, why not make like the Victorians and go for a little antiquated symbolism in your Valentines gift?
Here at Holts, we’ve come up with a ‘top-ten’ of the more unusual symbols used in Victorian love jewellery....
Together in Electric Dreams
13 January 2012|Le Petit Bijou
Every now and again, Holts gets a rather exciting client. Our stones have featured in block-buster films, our cutting equipment has taken centre stage in theatre productions, and we’ve even cut gems for Royalty.
And All That Jazz...
09 January 2012|Le Petit Bijou
1920s America: a time of extravagant decadence and luxury living. I’m thinking New York, Gershwin, penthouses and white fox fur coats. It was a decade when fortunes were made, wild parties were thrown, and Art Deco glamour, dazzling with diamonds and platinum, shone. So far, so very Great Gatsby. So what’s all this talk of plastic jewellery, pot metal, faux pearls and rhinestones? Putting all things precious to one side for today’s blog, I’m going to be looking at the cheaper side of the twenties. Because it was during this time of plenty that Costume Jewellery, in all its bling-tastic glory, exploded onto the scene.