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And All That Jazz...
09 January 2012|Le Petit Bijou
1920s America: a time of extravagant decadence and luxury living. I’m thinking New York, Gershwin, penthouses and white fox fur coats. It was a decade when fortunes were made, wild parties were thrown, and Art Deco glamour, dazzling with diamonds and platinum, shone. So far, so very Great Gatsby. So what’s all this talk of plastic jewellery, pot metal, faux pearls and rhinestones? Putting all things precious to one side for today’s blog, I’m going to be looking at the cheaper side of the twenties. Because it was during this time of plenty that Costume Jewellery, in all its bling-tastic glory, exploded onto the scene.
Summertime Sparkle
22 August 2011|Dazzling Diamond
With summer holidays fast approaching for many of us, you may be considering how to make your beach and evening wear stand out from the crowd.
All That Glisters
17 November 2010|Melissa Lund
"Big Girls need Big Diamonds" - Style Advice from Melissa Lund