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Black Friday with a Twist
25 November 2014|
Holts London does a cheeky twist on the upcoming Black Friday
How I got into jewellery making, and my journey so far…
23 May 2012|Lucy Moseley
We kindly asked Lucy Moseley, who we spotted on twitter to tell us about how she got into jewellery making. Here's her story so far...
Hot 100 is out and We're In!
09 September 2011|News
Professional Jeweller List their Hot 100, Guess who made the list?
World’s oldest magazine goes crazy for latest ‘try before you buy’ technology
15 August 2011|News
As co-founders, Holts is delighted by the excitement generated by augmented reality developer, Holition’s latest collaboration. Teaming up with Tatler in a juxtapositioning of British heritage and cutting-edge technology, Holition is one step closer to bringing virtual ‘try before you buy’ into the mainstream
A gemstone and mineral extravaganza
04 July 2011|Le Petit Bijou
Read about our trip to France
Think Jewellery, Think Colour
14 June 2011|Sapphire Stunner
Now that the buzz and excitement of London Jewellery Week has ebbed away, we take time to reflect on the busy week that just flew by. With a multitude of events all over London, culminating in Hatton Garden Festival, it was clear that there’s more to the jewellery industry than meets the eye.
Just around the corner
10 June 2011|Sapphire Stunner
Hatton Garden Festival event information
LJW is finally here!
06 June 2011|Le Petit Bijou
London Jewellery Week is finally here
A charity auction
02 June 2011|Simply Spinel
Charity Auction for a bespoke diamond heart pendant made at Holts
Happy Easter from Holts
18 April 2011|Sapphire Stunner
Happy Easter from Holts