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Jewelled Garden Collection - Spring/Summer 2016 Launch Event
30 March 2016|Alexia
We just launched our new spring summer collection and it's blooming with colourful jewellery and precious gemstones...
A sneak peek of our new spring and summer 2016 collection!
15 March 2016|Alexia
Our designers and craftsmen have put together a new spring/summer collection that will be launched in a few days, this is what it will look like...
Holts London Collection Launch
14 November 2014|
Holts hosted an event to the launch the debut collection, The Holts London Collection.
Together in Electric Dreams
13 January 2012|Le Petit Bijou
Every now and again, Holts gets a rather exciting client. Our stones have featured in block-buster films, our cutting equipment has taken centre stage in theatre productions, and we’ve even cut gems for Royalty.
A gemstone and mineral extravaganza
04 July 2011|Le Petit Bijou
Read about our trip to France
Just around the corner
10 June 2011|Sapphire Stunner
Hatton Garden Festival event information
Colour Me Fabulous Today
08 June 2011|Sapphire Stunner
Colour Me Fabulous event information
LJW is finally here!
06 June 2011|Le Petit Bijou
London Jewellery Week is finally here
Colour Me Fabulous with Melissa Lund
26 May 2011|Sapphire Stunner
Colour event at Holts
Hooray for Holition
20 May 2011|Incredible Holts
Holition nominated for UK Jewellery Awards under “Business Initiative of the Year”