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Bespoke Story of the Week
21 April 2015|
We received a fabulous story about a customer’s bespoke journey with Holts. Maybe next time it could be yours...
Mystical Moonstone
28 October 2014|
As Halloween is fast approaching, the Holts London team would like to tell you a little something about the wonderful moonstone and the mystical powers it so possesses.
How I got into jewellery making, and my journey so far…
23 May 2012|Lucy Moseley
We kindly asked Lucy Moseley, who we spotted on twitter to tell us about how she got into jewellery making. Here's her story so far...
B is for…
25 October 2011|Le Petit Bijou
Whichever way you look at it, there is one factor that affects the choice of every bespoke jewellery client: BUDGET. Creating something unique should not be blighted by the B-word and here at Holts, we’re determined not to let it stand in the way of your vision.
True Blue...
28 September 2011|Obviously Opal
Want to know a little bit more about Blue Sapphires? Our gemmologist is on hand to talk about what to look out for when buying one of these gorgeous gemstones.
Diamonds are forever? – Professional Jeweller Aug 2011 Pages 16 - 21
11 August 2011|Sapphire Stunner
Professional jeweller investigates the fast-growing availability of diamond stimulants and synthetic diamonds as an alternative to the natural gemstone, and asks Jason Holt for his opinion on this hot topic.
A charity auction
02 June 2011|Simply Spinel
Charity Auction for a bespoke diamond heart pendant made at Holts
Royal Wedding Celebration
28 April 2011|Sapphire Stunner
Royal Blue Collection now available online and in store
14 March 2011|Simply Spinel
Bespoke Yacht Cufflinks recently made
Shaun Leane Credits Holts
27 January 2011|Press
Shaun Leane mentions Holts in a recent interview in Professional Jeweller