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News Flash: Why it all starts with apprenticeships
04 April 2012|Incredible Holts
Read Jason's thoughts on how his review on apprenticeships is going...
The White Elephant
03 April 2012|Le Petit Bijou
What white elephant you on for more information?
The Art of Hidden Meaning
03 February 2012|Le Petit Bijou
Valentine ’s Day is nearly upon us. Heart -shaped knick-knacks are flying off the shelves. But for those of you wishing to make a less overt show of your feelings, why not make like the Victorians and go for a little antiquated symbolism in your Valentines gift?
Here at Holts, we’ve come up with a ‘top-ten’ of the more unusual symbols used in Victorian love jewellery....
B is for…
25 October 2011|Le Petit Bijou
Whichever way you look at it, there is one factor that affects the choice of every bespoke jewellery client: BUDGET. Creating something unique should not be blighted by the B-word and here at Holts, we’re determined not to let it stand in the way of your vision.
Is It For Real?
10 October 2011|Le Petit Bijou
Having trouble telling the real antiques from the fakes? Our resident antique blogger is here with some handy helpful tips!!
True Blue...
28 September 2011|Obviously Opal
Want to know a little bit more about Blue Sapphires? Our gemmologist is on hand to talk about what to look out for when buying one of these gorgeous gemstones.
Autumn days when the grass is jewelled...
19 September 2011|Paraiba Diva
As the temperature begins to drop and we start packing away our flip-flops, our thoughts turn to autumn and a new palate of colours to govern our wardrobe. After the bright colours of summer it feels good to mute everything down with the shifting seasons. We have a number of rings which would fit right in but these are three of my favourites...
Scrap it!?
09 September 2011|Le Petit Bijou
Old Jewellery - To Scrap or Not to Scrap?
Summertime Sparkle
22 August 2011|Dazzling Diamond
With summer holidays fast approaching for many of us, you may be considering how to make your beach and evening wear stand out from the crowd.
Shaun Leane Credits Holts
27 January 2011|Press
Shaun Leane mentions Holts in a recent interview in Professional Jeweller