Blog posts for August 2011

A Matter of Taste
31 August 2011|Le Petit Bijou
Hair in jewellery – yay or nay?
Summertime Sparkle
22 August 2011|Dazzling Diamond
With summer holidays fast approaching for many of us, you may be considering how to make your beach and evening wear stand out from the crowd.
World’s oldest magazine goes crazy for latest ‘try before you buy’ technology
15 August 2011|News
As co-founders, Holts is delighted by the excitement generated by augmented reality developer, Holition’s latest collaboration. Teaming up with Tatler in a juxtapositioning of British heritage and cutting-edge technology, Holition is one step closer to bringing virtual ‘try before you buy’ into the mainstream
Diamonds are forever? – Professional Jeweller Aug 2011 Pages 16 - 21
11 August 2011|Sapphire Stunner
Professional jeweller investigates the fast-growing availability of diamond stimulants and synthetic diamonds as an alternative to the natural gemstone, and asks Jason Holt for his opinion on this hot topic.