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25 October 2011 | Le Petit Bijou
One of the most exciting aspects of getting a piece of jewellery handmade at Holts is the very first step: picking a gemstone from the spectacular selection gleaming up at you from our counters. Some people know exactly what they’re looking for. Some don’t. Either way, most people have an idea of the colours they might like to go for – red, blue, green, pink, yellow, purple gemstones… our showroom is unbeatable for choice.

Now, in a world where money grows on trees, a lady seeking a bespoke engagement ring, set, for example, with a red stone, might make a beeline for the Ruby tray. Here she’ll pick the richest, sparkliest ruby and there’ll be smiles all round as she splashes out on a fabulous purchase.

Back on planet earth, 98 Hatton Garden to be precise, a lady walks into the shop. She has a budget. She wants bespoke. She wants a Ruby. Well, that’s to say she wants a blood-red coloured stone. But they’re one and the same thing, n’est pas? Well, like most things in life, it’s more complicated than that and a quick glance at our Ruby tray will tell you that the majority of Rubies look more pink than red. And the really red ones – boy are they expensive. So how can our lady, with a modest budget but the ambition to create something unique, overcome this hurdle? Say hello to the marvellous red Spinel . Granted, its name doesn’t quite have the glamour of Ruby, but in the words of my favourite Bard, what’s in a name?

Not an awful lot, if you ask me. Spinels are the most amazingly underrated gemstones. They’re incredibly durable (8 on Moh’s scale), really, really sparkly, come in an amazing array of colours (including that elusive ‘ruby’ red) and are fantastically well-priced. Being of a naturally suspicious nature, I have searched high and low to find fault with this gemstone. There must be SOME reason that Spinel isn’t marketed alongside the more popular gemstones. The result of my research? Top quality Spinels are rarer than Rubies. If they were seriously promoted on the retail market, demand would quickly outstrip supply. On my reckoning, that makes Spinel even more desirable. Couple this with the amazingly reasonable prices and it’s a win-win gemstone!

We made a Spinel Engagement Ring for a lovely gentleman recently. We loved it. He loved it. And most importantly, SHE loved it.

So next time you’re hesitating to take a leap into the world of bespoke, don’t let budget get in the way. Come in and have a chat with us.

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